About Me

My postal address is Flat 3, 9 Regent Place, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE30 5FA. I cannot be contacted on a mobile phone because the paedophile police illegally seized mine.

My last book TONY MARTIN: TARGET OF POLICE CONSPIRACY was published in 2019 to great acclaim since it exposed a murder fraud. Tony Martin didn’t kill Fred Barras..

I am currently writing my own autobiography in three parts:

  1. THE ABUSE OF CHILD #38316

These books to be published in the New Year subject to further illegal arrests by the Old Bill.

On 27 July 2016 I appeared at the Royal Courts of Justice in London at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA). You can read my speech here: Brian Pead’s speech at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse 27 July 2016 .

I have led an interesting life in that I have been a builder, a fishmonger, a North Sea trawlerman, a Head Teacher, a Law student, and an author since 1986. I decided to write my first book at the age of 14, finishing it after some 20 years of deep research later. It became a bestseller in Liverpool and went to two reprints. At the age of 19, I went to sea to investigate my older brother’s untimely death at the age of 21. Having attended his inquest, I intuitively felt that there was a cover-up to avoid paying his widow and two sons a substantial sum of money.

I am a fully qualified counsellor with an Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling.

In 1999, I single-handedly fought a legal case against the Premier League and the Football Association. I had legally purchased all of the domain names of all of the football clubs and they sued me to “get them back”. I left no stone unturned in fighting my corner and met with my MP at the time, the former Prime Minister, Sir Edward Heath. I stood my ground and won the case – being paid off before the case went to Court. The incident taught me a great deal about how the “justice system” works in this country, being adversarial. The Premier League and Football Association both tried to blacken my name by calling me various names including “thief” and “cybersquatter.” They knew that in law I had legally purchased the domain names and therefore owned them – but they still allowed drivel to be printed about me which was patently false. Not the for the last time in my life as this website will demonstrate (and probably not for the last time.)

I attended the fateful Hillsborough Disaster football match and have followed that case for 27 years. I have a ‘forensic’ mind and will leave no stone unturned in order to get at the truth.

I have been imprisoned on five separate occasions (to date) – all without the rule of law:

(i) 23 September 2011 – on remand for 7 weeks at Belmarsh and Wandsworth prisons for the alleged witness intimidation of my then 12-year-old granddaughter, [name redacted due to unlawful court case at the Inner London Crown Court in July 2015], who has never been a witness in any trial or Hearing as she would be pleased to tell you

(ii) 27 March 2013 – two weeks in Pentonville Prison for alleged Contempt of Court

(iii) 14 May 2014 – 4 months for alleged Contempt of Court and an alleged breach of a non-existent community order: sent to 10 prisons in 12 weeks and often held incommunicado.

(iv) 18 March 2015 – 24 months for the alleged harassment of my daughter and grandchildren who had never complained about me, made a witness statement, or appeared in court against me. (The case was brought by MI5 and Scotland Yard in an attempt to divide and conquer. They have no regard whatsoever for the feelings of my innocent daughter and grandchildren. They used my gullible son-in-law to attack me by claiming that I was a paedophile.)

(v) 4 June 2016 – 28 days in HMP Norwich for being “unlawfully at large”. I was arrested by six police officers (none of whom were in full uniform) at my home address.

I currently have two criminal cases against me – the trial on 12 January 2015 (now postponed until 27 February 2015) at the Inner London Crown Court of the alleged Harassment of my son-in-law and eldest granddaughter, (name redacted, 17), but strangely enough not the Harassment of my daughter and other granddaughter (name redacted, 15), nor my grandson, [name redacted], 10. Yet the allegation is that I sent a card to my granddaughters’ school – both of them. The Crown says that one was harassed and caused alarm and distress, whilst the other one (name redacted) clearly hasn’t complained at all. Nor my daughter for that matter. UPDATE: found GUILTY against the rule of law. No family members appeared in court

The other trial is scheduled for 15 May at Cambridge Crown Court on a charge – wait for it – of Impersonating a Barrister. What does a barrister do? He/she represents others and speaks on their behalf. I haven’t done that. Ever. A barrister wears a wig in Court. I haven’t done that. A barrister wears a gown in Court – I haven’t done that either. Yet YOUR taxes are being wasted (and you’re letting them get away with it!) with this nonsense which is all designed to prevent me from further exposing police and judicial corruption and child abuse in Lambeth Council. UPDATE: found GUILTY against the rule of law.

10 Prisons 12 Weeks was originally called “in prison with Victoria Smith”, after a student I met at Avery Hill College in 1982 where we both studied English. I hope she enjoys the book!